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Supporting the Establishment and Operation of New SMEs in the tourism sector

Supporting the Establishment and Operation of New SMEs in the tourism sector

The Action aims at boosting entrepreneurship in the tourism sector through the creation of new micro, small and medium-sized tourism enterprises.

Budget of the Action

689 million EUR covering all regions of the country (500,6 million  Euros from EPANEK and 188,4 million Euros from Regional Operational Programs)

Beneficiaries of the Action

Very Small, Small and Medium Enterprises that will operate in the tourism sector and belong to the following categories:

Category A: Enterprises set up from the date of the publication of the Call / Action and will have the NACE rev2 code of the investment by the first disbursement of the grant.

Category B: Tourist accommodation that were established and have acquired at least one of the eligible NACE rev2 codes of either 55 and / or the NACE rev2:,, by the date of issue of the notice of Action, have no operating license, the company's VAT number has reported no economic activity and has a building permit for this tourist accommodation.

Grant amount given

25.000 Euros to 400.000 Euros.

45% of the eligible costs are funded. In the case of recruiting new staff for at least a 0,2 NPLs, the funding rate is 50%.

Basic conditions for participation

Beneficiaries should:

  • provide, during the submission of the application, funding evidence ensuring their Private Participation in at least 60% of the proposed (subsidized) budget Investment Plan
  • invest, solely,  in a single Region
  • commit that they already operate or will be operating legally by acquiring the appropriate license to operate until the investment is completed
  • Submit an investment proposal per VAT number.

Subsidized expenditure

  • Buildings, other facilities and surrounding space
  • Machinery, installations and environmental protection equipment along with energy and water saving equipment.
  • Means of transport.
  • Certification of quality assurance systems and environmental management.
  • Promotion - Participation in Exhibitions.
  • Technical engineering studies and tax and legal advisory services.
  • Software and digital services.
  • Preparation and monitoring the implementation of the Investment Plan.

Expenditure shall be eligible from the date of publication of the call.

Business categories eligible for participation

  • Main hotel accommodation: 3 star hotels and above with a capacity of 10 to 50 beds; hotel accommodation in traditional buildings; organized 3-star and above camps; youth hostels.
  • Non-main hotel accommodations: self-catering accommodation - tourist furnished cottages with a minimum of 3 residences; furnished rooms - apartments of 3 keys and up with a minimum capacity of 10 beds.
  • Travel agencies of various activities.
  • Alternative forms of tourism: athletic tourism, sea tourism, rural tourism, other special - alternative forms of tourism such as recreational and theme parks etc.
  • Other business activities in the tourism sector.

Important Notice

It is not possible to start a new enterprise having as business partner the already existing firm or its shareholders aiming at exploiting the same tourist accommodation / operation sign.

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