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Working Capital Subsidy to Support Tourism

The Action aims to support the operation of businesses in the tourism sector after resuming their operation and in view of the official start of tourism activity for 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The support of the companies will be provided by sufficient liquidity for the resumption of their economic activity, through the non-repayable increase of part of the working capital.

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Competitiveness Τoolbox for Small and very Small Enterprises

Actions Budget: 400 million euros for the whole of Greece The action is co-financed by Greece and the European Union – European Regional Development Fund Financing scheme Business Plans with budget from 20.000 up to 200.000 euros The co-financing rate is 50% to 65% depending on the exportsΆ volume of the beneficiary

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Working Capital Subsidy to Support Food Service

The Action aims at subsidizing SMEs and Large Enterprises in the Food Service sector, during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), with working capital in order for them to be able to buy the needed raw materials necessary for resuming the operation of their businesses.

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Entrepreneurship Toolbox

Beneficiaries The Action aims at supporting existing small and very small enterprises, operating in the following categories: Retailing Catering services Educational and social services From 27/02/2019 to 31/05/2019 (17:00).

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Ε-retail Subsidizing SMEs to create or upgrade an e-shop

The Action aims at subsidizing SMEs to create or upgrade an e-shop in order to support their operation during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), in order for them to enhance their degree of digital integration and transformation. As a result, the Αction aims to minimize overcrowding in indoor spaces and ensure SMEs' economic continuity.

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Quality Modernization

The Action aims to competitiveness improvement of middle –sized enterprises, by investing on production upgrading and also in adapting standardization and procedure qualifications.  Fund Beneficiaries: Operating middle – sized enterprises which have been operating operate for more than three years by the date of the application submission and they do own at least one eligible by the Program activity code number (ΚΑΔ) Financing scheme Plans with budget from 50.000 upto 400.000 euros The co-financing rate is 50%.

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NSRF Partnership Agreement (PA) 2014-2020

PA (Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework) 2014-2020

NSRF 2014-2020


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