Investment Law 4399/16
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Eligible economic activities are Manufacturing and a significant part of the provision of internationally marketable services and products sectors, provided that they are compatible with the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER).


A. In accordance with the provisions of the GBER, the  sectors of:

  • steel
  • synthetic fibers
  • coal
  • shipbuilding (an exemption will be requested)
  • transport and related infrastructure

B. Based on the Business Activity Codes (ΚΑΔ) indicatively: Commerce, Scientific research, Hospitality, Education, Construction



  • Establishment, expansion or modernization of complete hotel and camping units that are already or are being upgraded to at least 3* or 2* in listed traditional or preservable buildings
  • Tourist accommodation complex development (only under scheme 8)
  • Special Tourist Infrastructure Facilities
  • Agritourism or wine tourism facilities by cluster
  • Establishment of youth hostels by SoCC

Energy production, distribution and infrastructure sector:

  • Small hydroelectric plants
  • High efficiency cogeneration plants from RES
  • Hybrid RES plants in Non-Interconnected Islands (NII)
  • Heat/ Cooling generation from RES
  • Energy efficient district heating and cooling systems
  • Production of sustainable biofuel

Eligible expenses for regional state aid

Expenses for regional aid constitute the base of every investment plan.

  1. Investment expenses for tangible assets Buildings (up to 45% of the total,  60% for  tourism,  70%  for logistics, 80% for listed buildings), purchase of fixed assets, purchase of new contemporary machinery and other equipment, financial leases, expenses for updating specialized facilities.
  2. Investment expenses for intangible assets Transfer of technology through acquisition of intellectual property rights, licensing, patents, knowhow and non- registered technical knowledge. Quality assurance and control systems, certifications, purchase and installation of software and business organization systems
  3. the wage cost of the new jobs created as a result of the implementation of the investment plan, calculated for a period of two (2) years from the creation of each position.

Eligible expenses for non-regional state aid

Supplementary to the regional aid:

  • Investment expenses for consulting services in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Startup expenses for new small and very small sized companies
  • Innovation expenses for SME
  • Procedural and organizational innovation expenses for SME
  • Innovation cluster expenses
  • Investment expenses for energy efficiency measures
  • Investment expenses for energy autoproduction
  • Expenses for the remediation of contaminated sites

Investment plans for the production of energy from renewable energy sources (RES) are supported only for:

  • Investment expenses for high efficiency energy cogeneration from RES
  • Expenses for production of energy from RES
  • Expenses for the installation of efficient district heating and cooling systems

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