Investment Law 4399/16
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The Investment Incentives Law 4399/2016 consists a statutory framework for the establishment of Private Investments Aid Schemes for the regional and economic development of the country.

The key objectives of the law 4399/2016 include:

  • the creation of new jobs with emphasis in the employment of skilled human resources
  • the increase of extroversion and innovativeness of businesses
  • the increase in added value
  • the improvement of technological level and competitiveness
  • the creation of a new extrovert national image (branding)
  • the reindustrialization of the country
  • the attraction of foreign direct investments
  • achieving a better placement of the country in the International Division οf Labor
  • the promotion of a balanced and sustainable development with emphasis on regional convergence


  • development of a new plant
  • capacity expansion of an existing plant
  • diversification of a plant’s production
  • substantial modification of the entire production procedure of an existing plant
  • acquisition of all assets of a closed plant


  • Large sized companies: 500.000
  • Medium sized companies, cooperatives and clusters: 250.000
  • Small sized companies: 150.000
  • Very small sized companies: 100.000
  • Social Cooperative Companies (SoCC): 50.000


The participation of the entity in the cost of the investment project can take place either through own funds or through external financing, provided that 25% of the total investment cost does not contain any state aid, support or subsidy whatsoever. Beneficiaries of the aid are companies that are established or maintain a branch in Greece at the commencement date of the investment plan and fall under one of the following corporate types:


  • Personal company
  • Commercial companies
  • Social Cooperative Companies (SoCC)
  • Agricultural Cooperatives (AC), Producer groups (PG) and Agricultural Corporate Partnerships (ACP)
  • Companies in establishment or merger procedures, provided that they have completed their publicity procedures before the commencement date of the investment plan
  • Companies that operate as joint ventures, provided that they are registered in the General Electronic Commercial Registry (GEMI)
  • Public and municipal companies, and their  subsidiaries.

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