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Subsidised Expenditure and Exemptions Incentives Law 4399/2016

Subsidised Expenditure and Exemptions

The investment plans which come under the provisions of the Investment Incentives Law can receive aid for the following expenditure:


  • Construction, extension and modernisation of buildings or special or auxiliary facilities and the cost of landscaping the surrounding area. (≥ 40% of the total eligible expenditure of the investment plan)
  • The purchase of fixed assets directly connected to a production unit, provided that the following conditions cumulatively exist:
      • this unit has ceased operation,
      • it is acquired by an independent investor,
      • the transaction in question is conducted on standard market terms aid already granted prior to the purchase is deducted
  • The purchase and installation of modern new machinery and other equipment;
  • Leasing instalments for modern new machinery and other equipment the use of which is acquired, provided that the leasing agreement includes the obligation to purchase it on its expiry.


Intangible assets, such as the cost of quality assurance and control systems, certification and the supply and installation of software and business systems and expenditure connected with the transfer of technology through the purchase of intellectual property rights, user licences, patents, know-how and unregistered technical knowledge etc.

Intangible assets must be depreciable assets used solely for the subsidised investment and shall be acquired by third parties on market terms.

They must also be integrated into the enterprise's assets and remain in the facilities of the enterprise in receipt of regional aid for a period of at least 5 years. The cost of subsidised intangible assets shall not exceed 50% of the total eligible expenditure of the investment plan.


Research, development and innovation projects are subsidised expenditure, provided that:

  • Are relating to the enterprise's business and products
  • Are implemented by the enterprise either on its own or in collaboration.

EXEMPTIONS under the provisions of the Investment Incentives Law

The following expenditure cannot be subsidised under the provisions of the Investment Incentives Law:

  • The enterprise's operating costs (exception in Youth Entrepreneurship).
  • The purchase of passenger vehicles with up to 6 seats.
  • Means of transport and transport equipment for investment plans in the transport sector;
  • The purchase of office furniture and fittings.
  • Exports and the establishment or operation of a distribution network in accordance .
  • The purchase of plots of land, grounds and fields. Where building facilities are purchased, the part of the expenditure corresponding to the value of the plot of land on which they stand shall not be subsidized.
  • The contribution to the share capital of the value of machinery and other fixed assets.
  • The erection or extension of building facilities on a plot of land which does not belong to the investment vehicle, unless it has been made over by the state or by a semi-public body or has been leased for this purpose for a period of at least 15 years.
  • Consultants' reports and fees. This expenditure shall be subsidised for the investment plans of new small and medium-sized enterprises up to 5% of the cost of the investment plan, capped at the sum of € 50 000.








Aid for Private Investment to promote Economic Growth, Entrepreneurship and Regional Cohesion


2 time periods per year April and October


From 15% to 50%


  • Subsidy.
  • Leasing subsidy.
  • Tax relief
  • Loans by National Fund for Entrepreneurship and Development (ETEAN)


  • Large enterprises €1,000,000
  • Medium-sized enterprises € 500,000
  • Small enterprises € 300,000
  • Micro enterprises € 200,000


  • Tangible Assets
  • Intangible Assets
  • Rerearch Development Innovation

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