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ISO 22000 2018 Food safety haccp

ISO 22000: 2018 is a systematic approach to identify, risk assessment and severity, as well as the control of microbiological, chemical and physical hazards associated with all stages of production and associated services of foods, from growing and harvesting of raw materials to the final product consumption.

The system ISO 22000 is a preventive control systems with documentation and verification, which prevents the risks and identifies the critical control points that can be potential dangers.

The implementation of ISO 22000 system, apart from the guarantee of greater safety in manufactured foods, contributes to better use of financial resources of the company and the fastest response to potential problems. In addition, it can help the process of inspections by government agencies and international authorities.

Installation of ISO 2200:2018

The implementation of ISO 22000:2018 in the enterprise includes the following stages:

  • Set up goals and assemble the Food Safety Team .
  • Product Data Collection
  • Determination of Product usage
  • Manufacturing process flow diagram and Flowchart Confirmation.
  • Hazard Analysis and Identification Preventive Measures, prerequisite programs and critical control points (CCPs).
  • Determination of Critical Limits.
  • Establishment Process Monitoring of CCPs and Establishment Procedures Corrective Actions.
  • Establishment of System Documentation Process.
  • Establishment of System Verification Procedures (Trial Implementation).
  • Certification.

ISO 22000 helps businesses:

  • To integrate and improve internal processes required to deliver consistently safe food.
  • To provide confidence to customers and other stakeholders that the company has the ability to control food safety hazards and to provide safe products.
  • To provide a means for continuous improvement to ensure that the food safety management system is revised and updated so that all activities related to food safety are constantly optimized effectively.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient control at all stages of the food supply chain to prevent the introduction of managing risks to food safety





  1. They develop, produce and distribute products and services more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.
  2. Promote innovation and inventiveness.
  3. Provide solutions to common problems.
  4. Increased customer satisfaction levels and loyalty.
  5. Compliance with regulations and administrative provision.
  6. Enhanced status.
  7. Improved productivity, less waste.

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